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Whether you're a trust and estates professional (Attorney, CPA) seeking to monetize your practice, an RIA looking to protect your relationship with clients, or an individual trustee needing protection and support, find out how we can help...
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Family Advisors Consortium

Collaborative Trusteeship

The Family Advisors Consortium provides the structure needed to orchestrate the collaboration of a family’s trusted advisors in carrying out the family goals and legacy.

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Agent For Trustee

By appointing us to act as an agent for the individual appointed as trustee, that person retains fiduciary responsibility as trustee, while Family Advisors Consortium provides asset custody, trust-style statements, and trust officer support.
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Professional Trust Service

Combining face-to-face meetings with Family Advisors Consortium representatives and the scope of a federally-chartered trust company provides peace-of-mind to clients.
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